Pioneer was founded in 1938 as a speaker manufacturer
and has been focused on high quality sound ever since.
Our consumer speakers and professional systems have delivered clear,
powerful sound reproduction to generations of music lovers,
theatregoers and producers all over the world.



Birth of TAD, the speaker brand of
choice for audio professionals

“TAD (Technical Audio Devices)” is a professional-use speaker brand installed in many renowned studios around the world. “TAD” was first created as a project to produce high-end speakers with an eye on the future audio environment. The development of TAD started in 1975.Its philosophy of balancing technological innovation with authenticity remains to this day.

By 1978, TAD's engineers had created the iconic TL-1601 woofer, and the TD-2001 and TD-4001 compression drivers. After receiving high praise from the audio professionals across the US, TAD became the speakers of choice in recording studios and venues alike. Today, TAD professional speakers are installed in more than 300 renowned studios and other professional sites, including the world-famous Air Studios in London.

AIR Studios (UK)


TSM-1 and TSM-2 studio monitor speakers dominate the market

TAD’s state-of-art TSM-1 and TSM-2 studio monitors launched in 1983 and soon earned a reputation for clean, accurate sound that retained the energy and passion of live music. These fabled models enjoyed a near-monopoly of 1980s professional studios, and are still a benchmark of sonic superiority today.

The Tokyo Television Center Co., Ltd. (Japan)


George Lucas’s Skywalker Sound asks TAD to create the definitive cinema speaker

Towards the end of the millennium, Skywalker Sound engineers were dissatisfied with the quality of cinema speakers available to them. They chose Pioneer to collaborate on building the definitive cinema speaker for their post-production, recording and music scoring facilities. Pioneer’s first cinema speaker was born.

The TSC-3415 incorporated TAD drivers and adopted TAD’s proprietary OPAXIAL technology to create a sense of depth that no other cinema speaker has been able to achieve.

TAD Series


Pioneer partners with Gary Stewart Audio to enter the club sound system market

Drawing on TAD’s rich heritage in professional audio, and Pioneer DJ’s unrivalled expertise in the pro-DJ market, Pioneer partnered with Gary Stewart Audio to create the ultimate club sound. The resulting system comprises a 3-metre dance floor stack with Acoustic Lens and a comprehensive in-fill series, all powered by Powersoft amplifiers.


The RM Series of professional studio monitors with HD coaxial driver units

Pioneer DJ is drawing on its rich heritage in speaker design to launch the RM Series coaxial active reference monitor speakers for the professional studio. The RM-05 and RM-07 speakers are packed with pro-audio technology to deliver a high SPL and a neutral sound with clear separation across the frequencies – making them the ideal companion for near-field studio monitoring of high-res sounds.

The RM Series’ uses a coaxial driver unit from Pioneer pro-audio brand TAD*1 to ensure audio from the tweeter and woofer emanates from the same point for a more accurate sound. The aramid fibre woofers and front-loaded bass reflex system with grooved ducts ensure a clean bass, while the aluminium hard domed tweeter has been optimised to deliver rousing high frequencies of up to 50 kHz. The rigid die-cast aluminium cabinets are designed to look and sound superb – featuring curved contours to eliminate resonance, and a proprietary acoustic tube to reduce standing waves and ensure the quality of the low to mid ranges.

*1 Technical Audio Devices Laboratories (TAD Labs) is a Pioneer sub-brand preferred by professional studios since 1978

Reference monitors


  • Deliver
    the joy of music
    to all people
    Pioneer founder Nozomu Matsumoto's was so moved by listening to music that he set out to share the joy with as many people as possible. This led him to create the A-8, Japan's first high fidelity dynamic speaker, in 1937.
  • Move the heart
    touch the soul
    Matsumoto's philosophy has been passed down through generations of engineers, and his spirit can be found in everything Pioneer does. Today we strive to move the heart and touch the soul, and our sound engineers tirelessly explore new ways to do this with every product.
  • Deliver joy to
    dance music lovers
    around the world
    Our club speaker systems continue Matsumoto's vision. Pioneer's innovative technology and dance industry expertise combine to deliver the best dance music sound to clubbers all over the world.


Gary Stewart and Gary Stewart Audio

To create the ultimate club sound system, Pioneer partnered with the legendary Gary Stewart and Gary Stewart Audio (GSA), whose sound systems have roused clubbers in the world’s most iconic venues, including Costa Rica’s Club Vertigo and Singapore’s Zouk. High-performance amplifiers from market-leader Powersoft round up the ultimate club sound.

Gary Stewart

Pioneer and Gary Stewart club speaker series

Pioneer’s flagship dance floor speakers reproduce a deep, resonant bass sound as well as a low-mid range that delivers a punchy chest kick. This is balanced with a crystal clear high-frequency response, delivered by an Acoustic Lens with rotatable wave guide for wide dispersion. The result is a deep, warm, tangible sound that galvanises the body to move without overwhelming the senses – a hallmark of the Pioneer club sound system.