On any given night in Miami, something is going on. Miami is very party hearty, celebrating everything from the debut of a hot new DJ to the fact that it's merely Thursday night. No excuses are needed to throw a raging, all-night party in Miami.

    While this crowded, festive atmosphere is ideal for the discerning partygoer, it brings a high level of competitiveness between the clubs, with everyone looking to make their mark and differentiate themselves by delivering a unique and spectacular experience. With DJs and EDM performances driving the hottest tickets in town, it's no wonder that club sound systems have become a hot topic as well.

    To stay ahead of the competitive curve, in the Fall of 2018, Mathieu Massa, President, and CEO at Massa Investment Group, and founder of Mr. Hospitality, realized it was time to update and upgrade the audio system capabilities of his three nightclub properties in Miami: Marion, El Tucán, and Bâoli.

    All three properties were popular and successful, but it was time to take the dance experience to the next level. Massa was looking to install sound systems specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of top-tier DJ and EDM productions. Massa contacted Ernesto Blanco, Senior Partner and Project Manager at Koncept Systems, who he had worked with previously, for his ideas regarding this business-critical, three-location project.

    Koncept Systems is a full-service AV, lighting, and control systems contractor, and a long-time reseller and installer of Pioneer Professional Audio products. Massa was confident in Ernesto's abilities to meet his budget and timeline for upgrading all three luxury properties.

    “I had worked with Ernesto several times over the years, and he has always been professional and reliable," said Massa. "I asked him for a quote on Bâoli, and he came back with a Pioneer Pro Audio based system that made such good sense and value, that I gave him the green light for working it into all three of our properties."

    Ernesto and his team were able to install all three new systems in less than four days, and within budget. It was essential that all three clubs have minimal downtime and quickly get back to the business of hosting some of the best parties in Miami.

    "We needed to renovate and standardize equipment at all three locations," explained Ernesto. "Bâoli, for example, had a mix of different manufacturers so it was not a tight sound and there were time-align issues with the patio area. The system at Marion wasn't large enough, and the original system at El Tucán was built for live bands, not DJs and EDM, so we had some work to do."

    All three locations now have systems featuring a range of Pioneer Pro Audio XY Series loudspeakers, powered by a combination of Powersoft’s X Series and Ottocanali Series amplifiers, with Symetrix processing. The Pioneer Pro Audio XY Series is a versatile family of high-performance PA and monitor speakers that are compact and perfect for near-field monitoring — yet deliver smooth, accurate, high-quality sound to all corners of a room.

    "One of the main reasons we started working with Pioneer Pro Audio loudspeakers is because they are very precise; it doesn't matter what type of music the DJ is playing, it will sound excellent," said Ernesto.

    “The Pioneer Pro Audio sound is punchy but very smooth, it won’t hurt customers’ ears, and the sound keeps people involved and engaged with the venue. You can notice the difference right away.”

    Ernesto Blanco | Koncept Systems

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  • Pioneer Pro Audio systems are renowned for their ability to deliver a high SPL and punch, but with a smooth sound that perfectly fits the fidelity and dynamics of electronic dance music.

    "The Pioneer XY Series is extremely powerful but also very controlled," said David Sullivan, Pioneer Pro Audio Sales Manager. "The 3-way loudspeakers are acoustically flat, so we can use our DSP to fine-tune the system to perfectly cover any environment, large or small."

    The XY Series' unique high and mid-range blended design produces a tightly controlled sound dispersion for an extraordinarily natural sound. This powerful wave can be thrown a great distance, filling all corners of a room with bass, punch, and clarity that is powerfully comfortable for the audience. Because of the cabinets' unique design, a reduced number of boxes are needed as compared to other systems, making the XY Series easy to transport, set-up and install.

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    Catering to both the world’s A-list stars and international jetsetters, the vibe-dining concept at Bâoli provides patrons with an unforgettable culinary journey that transforms into a nightlife destination, all within a stylish and modern setting.

    Bâoli is well known for its renegade parties – Boys Night Out: My Boyfriend Is Out of Town. The ongoing party is what put Bâoli on the map. At Bâoli, they play top-40, and because it is a very European crowd, the DJs play Ibiza format music. With the new sound system now in place, the General Manager at Bâoli has reported that club revenue has increased by over 30 percent.

    “El Maestro, you have created a monster. I can't stop playing!”

    DJ Hush Money, at Bâoli

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    Marion’s chic and upbeat atmosphere offers a wondrous and celebratory experience for its guests. On Thursday nights, Marion is host to Soiree, a large party that starts as a dinner and turns into something much bigger. The DJ starts the evening by playing soft music and then increases the intensity as the evening progress, ultimately building to full-on dance — often seeing guests jumping up and dancing on their chairs.

    “I'm very pleased by the installations in all venues, and we're now so busy that we have to accommodate for two dinner times instead of just one at Marion.”

    Mathieu Massa

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    Boasting warm, tropical vibes, El Tucán incorporates a refined, modern design, Asian-inspired dishes and a chic, high-energy party atmosphere that provides the ultimate experience that defines Miami nightlife.

    El Tucán was a big project in that they wanted to shift the persona of the club from a high-end cabaret with dinner and a show, to a DJ-driven party atmosphere. It was critical to have the right sound system in place to help the DJ keep guests dancing all night.

    "As sound designers, we pride ourselves on listening to the needs of our customer and delivering a system that meets and beats their expectations. Pioneer Pro Audio allows us to do that," added Ernesto. "With a high-quality system, the DJ can feel great about the performance, the audience has a great time, and club management doesn't need to worry about the sound — they can focus on managing the crowds and all the business that's coming in."

    “I wanted a sound machine, and you did it! Thank you for the amazing job.”

    DJ Mike Andrea, at El Tucán

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    main court

    DJ monitors

    all zones with




    DJ monitor

    El Tucán:

    main floor

    under stage

    dance floor

    VIP downstairs


    DJ monitors

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  • Location :
    Miami – US
  • Venue : Bar and Restaurant


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